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*Published 2nd Month of 2020.

369 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY (February 20th, 2020)

— Enter a world with high-fidelity audio, symphonic musical scores and illuminated 3D graphics with Theatre™, the new interactive online multimedia game by One World of Wonder.™

The company is releasing an Early Access version of Theatre in Spring 2020.

In Theatre™, players are transformed into Avatars that they have full control of as they navigate different regions of the world on an all-encompassing map.

“Our company has a long-established history in interactive online multimedia, Internet-based telecommunications protocols, and high-quality family-oriented games,” said Joseph Fludd, President/CEO of One World of Wonder. “Bringing Theatre to the market at this political crossroad in the United States, and the world, with a desire for high-tech but also wholesome conservative entertainment, just felt like the natural progression of things for our company.”

The Theatre™ Early Access Program will include 300 hours of play-time and be made available for Windows 7+ 32bit/64bit compatible systems with minimum Dual Core Processor, 4GB+ Ram, and a broadband Internet connection of ADSL or better. Because Theatre is an ever-changing world; Players will not be charged Play-time rates during one-time artwork and sound downloads, however, their Internet Service Provider data rates may apply.

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